Hair Loss

Mesotherapy is a technique that infuses vitamins, minerals, amino acids and growth factors in to the skin to nourish and rejuvenate while also stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, both essential for skin’s natural elasticity.

The benefits of Mesotherapy are numerous. There are many applications for Mesotherapy i.e. treating pain, sports injuries, rheumatology, general medicine and aesthetic medicine. In 2005, a new technique known as virtual (needle-free) Mesotherapy became available on the international market. This was a significant advancement for both Mesotherapists and patients. A needle-free device is used to emit a pulsed electromagnetic wave that creates transitional pores at cellular level (electroporation).

Needle-free Mesotherapy can be a successful alternative when treating conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, sensitive skin and acne. When treating the scalp needle-free Mesotherapy has seen positive results with conditions such as dandruff, excess sebum, seborrheic eczema and a variety of hair loss issues.

Mesotherapy Treatments for Hair Loss & Scalp Conditions

A revitalising treatment for hair. It restores an effective micro-circulation of the scalp and revitalises hair follicles. It is an effective formula designed to fight thinning hairs, stimulate regrowth and reduce hair loss. Centella Asiatica and ginkgo extracts increase blood flow and supports scalp nutrition and oxygenation. Hair formula also contains all the vitamins, amino acids and minerals required for the nutritional and energetic metabolism of hairs. Organic silica maintains the hair anchoring, while hyaluronic acid moisturises and softens the hairs.

This treatment is for male or female hair loss.

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I have been coming to The Village Retreat for many years, its is a friendly, professional salon with service that is second to none. Their treatments are amazing, the team always go above & beyond with their service, recommendations I would never have thought about and they always achieve fantastic results
I can honestly say The Village Retreat is a 5* star salon. Debbie has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to skincare, and I know my skin is in amazing hands. The whole team are so friendly making you feel instantly welcome