Electrolysis is suitable for men and women and is the only medically approved course of treatment for permanent hair removal.

The treatment can be used as an effective stand-alone hair removal treatment or as part of IPL/Laser treatment programmes.

A small fine probe the size of an eyelash is inserted into each hair follicle. A safe burst of energy targets the root of the hair. This stops the nutrients from feeding the hair and the hair becomes weaker, finer and then the hair is prevented from growing. Results may take a little time as each hair has its own growth cycle and blood supply.

Consultation – £15

Up to 30 minutes – £27

Up to 45 minutes – £40

Up to 60 minutes – £55

Up to 90 minutes – £80


Up to 15 minutes – £25

Up to 30 minutes –£40

Commonly treated areas include:

Most common areas for women are facial areas such as the upper lip, chin, cheeks and eyebrows. Also, breasts, abdomen, bikini line and under arms.

Areas for men are upper arms, around the ears, eyebrows, and top of the back.

Benefits of Electrolysis Permanent Hair removal include:

Permanent hair removal

Smooth hair free skin

Removal of white hairs after IPL/Laser hair removal treatment

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Transgender Electrolysis (MTF)

Debbie also specialises in Transgender Electrolysis.

Debbie also specialises in Transgender Electrolysis. She understands the need for privacy and confidentiality and you can always be assured of a warm welcome.

Unwanted hair can be extremely distressing and embarrassing subject for anyone, but for a TG client it is also a very difficult and sensitive subject to deal with.

Fortunately, the density and thickness of hair growth can be significantly reduced by the hormone therapy that TG clients will undertake prior to surgery, however, there will still be a need for removal of hair from certain areas of the body and face.

It is very difficult to predict how long the course of electrolysis treatments will be. The average time to treat a full beard is likely to be a minimum of 1-2 years of intensive treatment (approximately 100 – 200 hours).

During electrolysis a small probe is inserted into the follicle following the direction of the hair. For your consultation or treatment your hair needs to be at least 1mm long so that Debbie can see the angle of the hair and be able to tweeze it out. Shaving two days before is permitted if the hair is going to be long enough to treat.

You will be provided with written and verbal aftercare advice by Debbie. Following the treatment Debbie will apply an aftercare product such as Aloe Vera. The aftercare advice is part of the electrolysis treatment and must be followed morning and night for the following 24 hours or until the skin has fully healed. During your consultation, Debbie will remove any make-up and we also have the facilities for you to reapply it in privacy before leaving.

Up to 30 minutes – £27
Up to 45 minutes – £38
Up to 60 minutes – £45

Electrolysis Treatment in Woolton, Liverpool

What clients say

I have been coming to The Village Retreat for many years, its is a friendly, professional salon with service that is second to none. Their treatments are amazing, the team always go above & beyond with their service, recommendations I would never have thought about and they always achieve fantastic results
I can honestly say The Village Retreat is a 5* star salon. Debbie has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to skincare, and I know my skin is in amazing hands. The whole team are so friendly making you feel instantly welcome


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